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Six Signs it’s Time for Extra Storage

Urban areas all around the world continue to grow at a rapid rate and Toronto is no exception. More and more of us are choosing to live in the urban core where we have access to better public transit, restaurants and culture. We are choosing to live, work and play within a few km radius, avoiding the need to commute to work.

This trend is creating a challenge that many in the suburbs do not have…space! The biggest complaint most of us have about living in big cities is the need for extra storage.

With so many options today, decluttering your home has never been so simple. Store some of your cherished possessions in self-storage or better yet, with your neighbour via SpaceiShare. The sharing economy is simplifying everything including self-storage, connecting neighbours that have extra space with those that need it. It’s a great way for homeowners to make a bit of extra money and super convenient and affordable for renters!

Here are six signs that it’s time for you to consider renting out extra storage space.

1. Moving in with a partner

It happens to most of us. You meet that special someone, fall in love and decide to live together. This happy life moment is often combined with a feeling of panic for most urbanites, “where will we keep all of our stuff??” How will you combine two lives filled with clothing, sporting equipment, hobbies, dishes, appliances and on and on? Don’t panic. It’s a perfect time to get rid of the things you don’t use, but there’s no need to get rid of it all if you’re renting a locker, the corner of a basement or a few shelves in a neighbour’s garage. Problem solved!

2. Having a baby

Having a baby is a life altering moment in most of our lives and one of the biggest surprises is the amount of space babies need. Diapers, change tables, cribs, clothes, they all take up a lot of room especially when you’re living in small quarters. Consider making room for all your little one’s things by emptying your coat closest and organizing seasonal clothing, boots or unworn but cherished items, in self-storage. You’ll declutter your home and make room for your new baby at the same time!

3. Airbnb/Make space for a roommate

Rent out an extra room, either through airbnb or to a fulltime roommate – both options are a great way to make a little extra money by supplementing your income. The challenge is that many of us use that extra room to store all of the things that we love, but don’t have space for. Why not organize that room and store all of the things you want to keep in storage. The money you would spend on storage space would be a fraction of what you would make off of the room…especially if you rent your space through a sharing economy platform like, SpaceiShare.

4. Office-nook/hobby space

I’ve done this one myself and I am so glad I did. Consider completely emptying out a conveniently located closet and turning it into a work or hobby nook. Get organized by sorting through all of the things you no longer need and store away the items you want to keep but don’t need close all year round. For example, all of your winter coats in the summer months. Planning out what the work/hobby closet looks like is so much fun! You can build in a desk with additional storage, put in some colourful wallpaper and build in some lighting. Its pretty simple to execute and a great place for inspiration is this Houzz article.

5. Inheriting furniture

It’s always tough when a loved one passes, but for many of us it means we inherit some furniture. I was lucky enough to get a couple of beautiful Persian rugs when my grandmother passed away last year. I already had a a few rugs I loved and not enough space in my 600sqft to display them all, so I had to store them away. I wasn’t quite ready to give any of them up, and like most of you, I will likely move to a bigger home at some point that I’d like to furnish with my family heirlooms and collections from my travels – renting out an extra locker from my neighbour in my condo was my only solution. Now I can switch my rugs and freshen up the look of my apartment whenever I’m in the mood.

6. Rent out your basement


Photo provided by: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-make-bas-128075 

If you have a basement that’s filled with junk, its time to ask yourself a few very important questions – Is there a separate entrance or could one be built in? Is there a kitchen/bathroom? If you were to remove the junk, could the space be liveable with a few updates? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, its time to straighten out your home and move the items you want to keep out of your basement and into storage. Toronto can be an expensive city to live in, and most downtown basements are rented for $1100 and up, its time to really think about how your space is being used. Find a storage facility close by and start making some extra cash.

Whether you want to make room for a new baby, create a work nook or rent out your basement, there are options available to urbanites. Living in a small space doesn’t mean we can’t have everything we want. Its time to organize your home, creating space for all of the things you want! Consider renting out extra storage space through a traditional self-storage facility or through the more affordable sharing economy via the SpaceiShares platform. Give it a try and build the space you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to straighten it out!